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ValueDataTrust was born with the goal to provide companies with tools, methods and value added solutions for Data Protection management.

In the Big Data society, information is the indispensable raw material to create new products, make targeted offers, acquire new knowledge and expertise, the most important assets for company growth. But, as Giovanni Buttarelli (European data protection Supervisor) pointed out, this is also a new ground for competition where ‘those with more information and a better skill to gather, use and sell it will win.’

This is the reason why the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ‘intervenes not only for privacy, but also for competition, in order to ensure equal opportunities for everyone at play’.
A correct, aware and safe management taking good care of personal information is not only a binding choice to avoid penalties. It is only a strategic and well thought one, which reinforces image, reputation and trust in the company from all its stakeholders.

ValueDataTrust wants to support companies in using all the business potential driven by data [DATA] under the new rules of the game. Through proactiveness and empowerment of the Data Controller is possible to build a new value chain [VALUE] that links the strategic use of data with the values of transparency and accountability, thus strengthening reputation, image and credibility of the organization [TRUST] and avoiding huge fines.

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